Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I love making and wearing headbands. In the past year, I have taught myself how to make several different kinds. They are super easy to make and for the price of one headband on Etsy or in stores I can make 5 or 6. Most of the time I use fabric to make my headbands but I wanted to try ribbon for this one to make it shiny! 

Supplies: Hot glue gun
                 Small beads 
                 Tacky glue or Fabric Fusion
                  Elastic headband 

Step One: Make a little ball of ribbon and glue it. To make my center, I twist and tie then glue the end of my ribbon.

Step Two: Fold or twist your ribbon and glue it in place every so often. It's kind of hard to describe this part. I figured it out with practice. I hope to get a video made to better explain this step. First I need to get more ribbon. 

Step Three: Once your flower is the size you would like it glue the end so it is secure and then cut off the excess ribbon. Be sure to leave a little "tail". It will be used in just a bit!

Step Four: Some people use actual elastic and sew their own headband. I on the other hand use already made headbands. They can be bought in all different colors and it saves me a step. I also think that these stay together better. Place a strip of hot glue on the bottom (backside) of your flower and set the headband in the glue. Be sure not to burn your fingers. (By now, my fingers are used to it. I usually end up gluing my hand to what ever I am working on...) Next place another bit of glue (more than the first time) on top of the headband. Press the tail on top of the glue before it hardens! Again, try not to burn your hands. 

Your flower should now look like this. 

Step Five: Place your flowers in which ever way you want. You can use as many or as little flowers as you want. I happen to like three medium size ones. 

Step Six: Put tacky glue in the center of your flowers. 

Step Seven: Sprinkle your beads in the glue. You may want to push them into it so that they actually stick to the glue. The glue will dry clear. Let it dry, when it is all dry you can add more beads if you feel like they are needed. 

I think that I will be making some Christmas themed ones... If you have any questions feel free to email or leave a comment. I will be happy to help you! I'd love to see your headband creations! Happy crafting :) 

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