Friday, October 5, 2012

First Official Post!

I finally had a moment to restart my blog. I created the new one about a week ago but then in true college fashion, my professors decided it would be an awesome idea for them to all have a test in the same week. But now that I'm done with all of that, I CAN BLOG! Finally!  First, I think you should all know that I have a glitter problem. I love glitter. If I could I would glitter everything. I don't think my roommate would like that so I try to keep it under control. Tomorrow I will post pictures of the journal that I made a couple of weeks ago. And if you haven't guessed it yet, it's got glitter on it. :) 
     Tomorrow, Anna and I are going on a twin date to use our Maurice's coupons that we got after our last twin date. I'll be sure to post pictures of all that we buy! Miranda and I are also going on a glitter run so that we can make some pumpkins! Also on the agenda: DIY lip scrub. First I need to get my hands on some honey. So if anyone on campus has some honey, I need two tablespoons of it! 
     Finally I will leave you with some words for thought. 

Good Night! 

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