Friday, October 5, 2012

Meet My Twin Anna!

I don't really have a twin but people seem to think that we are. We've given up trying to tell anyone different. Anna is one of my best friends and she is usually by my side in these adventures. I thought that you should meet her and get to know who my Anna is. So with out making you wait any longer, meet Anna!

Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I am Katelyn’s twin and guest blogger. I’m not as crafty as Katelyn by any means, but I do enjoy getting dragged into her shenanigans and creating things. You’ll probably see me popping up here a lot, whether as an official guest blogger post, or in her posts. 

I am currently slogging my way through two majors: Health Care Administration and Spanish. Yes, I am insane. Yes, I love it. Shopping is one of my favorite things to do, even if it’s just window-shopping (those college budgets- I tell ya). Other than shopping, I enjoy a good match of tennis, browsing Reddit or just watching a movie with my friends. I’m into politics, reading, lolcats, and having a good time. I do enjoy amateur photography, and you may see some more of my stuff up here later. 

If I could travel for the rest of my life, I would. A couple summers ago I spent a month in Italy and Sicily, and it was the greatest month of my life. Here’s a picture of my by Trevi Fountain! I think travel is more than just looking at pretty places. Travel really brings the world together.

So a big thanks to Katelyn for letting me be a guest blogger! I can’t want to jump right in and start adding my own stuff :). 

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