Sunday, October 7, 2012

Look Mom, I Organized!

My mom will probably tell you that I can't stay organized for longer than about five minutes. When I started college my goal was to be as organized as possible. Freshman year that worked about 50% of the time. This year it's improving but I have some tricks up my sleeve. I will gladly share them with you!

These little plastic containers work wonders! I got them at Target 5/$4.99 when I was packing for school. They made packing really easy. I labeled each one with what I planned on putting in there. These ones are labeled Cords/Chargers, Dishes, Pens/Sharpies/Notecards ect., Lint Rollers/Kleenexes, Laundry, Wash Clothes. The clear and purple one on the end has all of my Scentsy bars in it and the one underneath it has craft supplies in it. I highly recommend getting a Scentsy if you live in a dorm. Most dorms don't allow candles so the Scentsy is perfect because it melts the wax and makes your room smell great! 

All of the boxes get put under my futon. I don't need them all of the time so it works perfectly. The pink Rubbermaid is my dirty dish bucket. During the week I put the RINSED dishes that I use in the bucket and wash them on the weekend. I started doing this after I realized carrying a bunch of dishes to the basement was not an easy task. The clear plastic bag on the opposite end is full of shoes. I LOVE shoes and I have a ton of them (Muwahahahahahaha!). The bag is the one that my bedding came in and it just happened to fit all of my shoes and fit under the futon. 

Meet my desk... It is a multipurpose piece of furniture. All of my notebooks, folders and most of my textbooks are in the book caddies that I got at Target and Walmart. My makeup brushes, vitamins, and Aleve are up there too, along with my iPod dock/alarm clock. The blue bag behind my desk lamp is full of post it notes (I use like a million of them in a school year!). Last year they were all over the place, this way they are all in one place. Then there are some pictures, DIY coasters, bedazzled stapler, and hole punch. For all of my pencils and pens I put them in a cute flower pot that I found on sale at our grocery store. It works awesomely! Also throw in my planner and doodle book. (Yes it is covered in gliter :D)   
Next up, my tower. I glittered the drawers so you couldn't see inside. There is a lot of stuff in there. All of my laundry, hair, more makeup/nail stuff, personal items, and random stuff that doesn't really have a home are hidden in there. In the cubbies next to it are binders and more text books that I need for class and advising. 

Here hangs a lonely calendar. I use a planner for class work and such but the calender is for big events like work, tests, and when I am going home. My shoes that don't fit in the shoe bag or that I wear often sit under my mirror. TIP: If you wear boots, roll up an old magazine and put in in your boots when you're not wearing them. This keeps them from squishing! and then there are some pretty pictures of kids I babysit and my little brother. 

My dresser is another multipurpose piece of furniture. The bags are one that I got from shopping trips. They have socks and undergarments in them. All of my perfume and body sprays are up there along with some hair stuff. My nail polish and make up are in the two makeup bags behind the hair spray. Scarfs, headbands, and necklaces are hung up on the hooks on the wall. 
My closet, like the rest of my room is small. Besides my dresser, my hamper and shoe boxes are hidden in there. They just happen to fit perfectly in there. My laundry basket, that gets used a storage for towels, along with my sweatshirts take up the shelve up above. 

This is my favorite part of our room. Miranda and I bought a TV stand at Target ($20) and a bookshelf ($20) to help organize this area. Last year it was like a black hole and sucked things up and spit out a mess! We thought that these would help us out and they are probably the best thing we have bought all year. I got the baskets from Target ($6 for the small and $8 for the big). They have food, sunglasses, controllers, remotes, and random stuff with out a home in them. The pink bucket has clean dishes in it. This space is also home to our fridge, microwave, and TV. (By the way, I was watching Cupcake wars and this girl just got voted off. Not sure why she is smiling.) 

So that is our room! I love it! All that you didn't get to see were our beds and they aren't that interesting. Living in a small space limits you to the things that you can have but organizing it helps a lot. If this helps you, great! That's all we want! And, um Mom, my room is really clean right!? :)

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