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Hi! My name is Katelyn. I am a junior in college working on degrees in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Development, and Broad Field Social Science. This blog is to show everyone out there my adventure through college. We are always up to something new here. I'm crafty and creative, so watch out! I love cooking, baking, working with kids, shopping, and spending time with my family and friends. I have a wonderful family. They are always there for me no matter what. I'm that kid that calls their mom every day even though they are supposed to be grown up. My parents are the best and always encourage us to do what our dreams are telling us to do. I love my brothers so much because they are both unique and one of a kind!  
Here is big question; why Sweet Potato Pie? I don't even like sweet potatoes! Or pie that much either... But I do like chocolate pie and peanut butter pie! My dad still calls me Bugs and my mom still calls me sweet potato just like they did when I was four. When Dad calls he says almost every time, "What's up Bugs?" I chose sweet potato because who really wants bugs in your blog name to be about bugs? I then chose pie because I love food... a lot... It was one of the things I missed most when I went away to college because let's face it, I hate cafeteria food!

I have the bestest boyfriend as well. He's always sending surprises. His goal is to make me happy and that makes me happy. He used to drive five hours just to come see me. Then last year, he made the big move to Wisconsin to be closer to me. We now share a cute little apartment. :)

I have many friends in this world and each and everyone of them means the world to me. There are way to many pictures of them to put here. So I guess I will randomly sprinkle them around on here. 

Oh and I have a serious glitter problem... Just ask Josh. Or the kids now living in my old dorm room. I'm sure that the heater exploded with glitter when they turned it on for the first time. And there is no way they got all of it out of the carpet... 

I hope you enjoy this lovely little blog. :)
                                               - Katelyn 

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