Monday, October 22, 2012

Glitter Pumpkins

Beware, this craft contains glitter. 

My pumpkins were just sitting there, looking at me all orange and plain. They were begging for glitter. The wanted my to do it. So because I am a nice person, I glittered them. They look so pretty now. :) Here's the breakdown: 

Glitter (duh)
Sponge or Paint Brush
So for pumpkin A I wanted to do a drippy spiderweb. I used tacky glue because it is "stronger" so to speak. It has the perfect amount of run in it for this project. 
Now pour that glitter on!!!!
Isn't it beautiful! (See that mass of glitter underneath of it? Yeah I spilled it by accident. No worries it was on paper... This time.)
Now for pumpkin B. It is my favorite! 
Take pumpkin B and put some glue on it. Then spread the glue around with a sponge or brush. I used one of those foam makeup brushed because that happened to be what I had on hand. I wanted to go for an ombre pumpkin but I didn't have different shades of pink glitter so it was glittered in silver, pink, and black. First I poured silver glitter on just the bottom of the pumpkin. I didn't make a perfect section because that would be to fussy. 

Then I poured pink glitter all over it. (Pink glitter is my favorite.) At this point I was just going to put silver glitter on the stem, but then this happened. 
Miranda (wearing her Mexican cape and doing the Mexican Cape dance): Put black glitter on it.
Me: I don't have any.
Miranda: Oh well I have some. Here! (This is when she started doing the Mexican cape dance...)
(I'm quite enchanted by the silver glitter I spilled) So I put glue on the stem and the top of the pumpkin and poured black glitter on it.   

The final product. I'm in love. I wish I could keep them forever! (Please ignore my messy background.)
Have fun with you pumpkin projects this year. I'd love to see them!
              - Katelyn

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