Monday, December 10, 2012

Stamped Wrapping Paper

Day 4!
I love wrapping paper. It's always so pretty and there are so many different designs! I really like the sparkly and glittery kind. I found some full out, complete glitter wrapping paper at Walmart this year. I thought I was in love. What I'm not in love with is the price. The glitter paper was $9 for about enough to wrap 2 or 3 small presents! And regular paper is like $5 for about the same amount as the glitter paper. Plus it just gets thrown away unless you are like me and pick your favorite pieces to craft with later. I love the look of butcher paper and it's pretty heavy weight so I know it won't rip as I'm trying to tape the ends... So behold!!! My homemade wrapping paper! I actually got this idea way back in October when Josh was visiting and I found butcher paper. I have been waiting so long to do this!

Stamps (Remember how I said that I was using those stamps for another project... You can see the tutorial for those here
Paint brush 
Butcher Paper (I got mine at the Dollar Tree. 15 feet for a dollar! I was so happy!)
Bubble wrap (Also got that at the Dollar Tree. It was right next to the butcher paper. It was like a sign!)
 (Ignore our messy room. This was at the end of a whole day of crafting...) 
Step 1. Cut a square of bubble wrap off the roll and paint it with your craft paints. I mixed silver and blue to make it sparkly. I also used the darkest color as my "base" so that the stamps would stand out. 
 Now stamp that on to the butcher paper. Be sure to press down on the entire surface of the bubble wrap to get the paint to transfer. (But don't press to hard or else you will pop the bubble wrap...) I was able to get 2-3 stamps out of each painting of the bubble wrap and I used the same piece for the entire role of paper. 
 This is what it will look like. I thought it looked pretty cool and gave the paper some texture and dimension. 

Step 2. Paint your stamp and stamp it all over the paper. (Sadly, I don't have a picture of this I thought I did, but it must have gotten deleted. Some of the stamp prints turned out perfectly and others are missing little parts of it but I really like the way it turned out!

Step 3. Wrap all of the presents! Aren't they beautiful! Anna thought that I made the bag also. I wish I had that kind of talent but I bought that in the dollar isle of Target! I also made my own "bows". That tutorial will be later this week! I still have a lot of paper left. I'm surprised I got so much out it for only a dollar! The total cost of the wrapping paper (including stamps) and bows was about $2.50!

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