Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reusable Gift Bows

Day 6!
Ribbon and I have a love hate relationship. It makes presents look so pretty but it gets thrown away right after the gift is open. Seems like a waste of materials, right? Not to mention, it costs like five bucks for one bow! This year I have come up with a solution for the dreaded bow! And it only cost roughly 10 cents per bow if that! 

Ribbon (I bought it at the Dollar Tree. I feel no guilt, I still have a ton left for future projects.)
Hot glue

Step 1: Draw a bunch of circles on your felt. I used my hairspray as a template. I also make one with squares. I like both types equally. Now cut out the circles!

Step 2: Put a medium size dot of hot glue in the center of your felt circle. 

Step 3: I'm not really sure how to describe this step, I learned how to do it by looking at pictures.  Fold the felt upward around the glue circle. I fold mine in half and then half again. I then hold it until the glue hardens. It should look like this!

Step 4: Glue them all to a base circle. Start in the center and work your way out. I used 6-8 circles/squares for each "bow".

Step 5: Glue a few strips of ribbon to the bottom of the "bow". 
Step 6: Attach to the presents!

I really like the way they turned out and they match my wrapping paper!


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