Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY Stamps

DAY 3!!!
On the third day of Christmas stamps were made...
These were made for another project that I had in mind, yet could be used for just about anything! They were so simple to make and cost about 20 cents a stamp. You can't buy stamps that cheap! You can make pretty much anything that you want and let's say that you decided that you didn't like your design anymore, all you have to do is peel the puff paint off and you can reuse your tile. You could use blocks of wood, but being at college I didn't exactly have access to a wood shop. Plus the tile is reusable! 
Ceramic tiles or blocks of wood
Puff Paint - MUST be "Puffy" Paint 
dry erase markers (optional)

Step 1: Draw design on tile with dry erase marker. This step is optional, but I found that it makes it easier than "eyeballing" my design. 

Step 2: Draw design with puff paint, let dry, go over design again. Do this step slowly! There is no rush and your design will turn out better. By going over your design twice, it makes it more defined and it stamps better. 
Now you are free to do what ever you want with you stamps! You'll see what I created tomorrow!


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