Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY Ornaments

(*This is coming a day early! I will be out tomorrow and won't have a chance to post!) Anna and I were at the bookstore at the beginning of the school year and we saw some UWSP ornaments for sale. They were little bit more than overpriced and I knew that I could totally make them myself. I have been waiting since September to make these! They are super simple to make and pretty cheap. I made a time lapse video of the process because I wanted to try my hand at making one (I used my webcam to make it so the picture quality isn't the best, but it works!). 

Clear Glass/Plastic ornaments (Check at Hobby Lobby. I got mine on sale 12/$4.)
Clear glue
Puff Paint

Fill each ornament with the glue and swirl it around until the inside is completely covered.  

Next drain the extra glue out and set aside. More glue will pool in the bottom and then you will have to drain it out again. Set the ornament aside once more and let the glue get tacky (5-10 minutes). This will prevent the glitter from weighing the glue down and dragging it to the bottom of the ornament. I learned that through trial and error! 

Next use a funnel and pour glitter into the ornament. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, I made mine out of paper. I found the easiest way to get the glitter coverage even is to put the cap back on and shake it up. 

Pour any extra glitter back into your glitter container. 

To decorate and personalize my ornaments I used puff paint to write UWSP and the girl's initial on the ornament. I also made some where I glittered the puff paint to make them more umm, well, Katelyn. 

Happy Crafting!


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