Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Where in the World is Katelyn?

I'm coming back. For real this time. Working on becoming a teacher and working is very time consuming. VERY! I realize that I haven't posted anything in awhile (like since last Christmas...) and I am very sorry about that. Let me update you about what has happened in the past year. 

1. Josh moved to Wisconsin. 
     The whole five hour drive thing was getting very old and we were ready to share a cute little apartment. After searching several little "cute" apartments, we found the perfect one! And if you know me, I have been very busy to decorate it! 

2. Classes, Practicums, More Classes
   Did you know that when you are a college student you go to a lot of classes. Did you also know that when you are an education student, you are super busy. You not only go to class, but you also get to practice teaching. They call you a pre-service teacher. What that really means is that you pay a lot of tuition to teach. Which I totally don't mind. I love being in the classroom. Practicum is my favorite part of my classes. Oh I've also been busy with homework as well... 

3. I Got a New Job
   I guess it isn't really a new job. After Christmas break, I was hired to work on campus. I was able to say so long to my very unpredictable job at TJ Maxx and say hello to a job I really like! It's a pretty awesome place and I love the people that I work with. 

4. Crafting
   Did someone say crafts? Me, crafting? No way! I am very guilty of crafting. I am on a budget but really need to decorate my apartment. Good thing I'm pretty good at budgeted crafting! And now it's Christmas time and I have a whole new round of projects! Josh is probably freaking out about all of the glitter. I promise to attempt to get all of my project updated on here and let you in on all the fun! 

Now you know where I have been for the last year. My early New Years resolution is to keep this thing updated. I'm going to try to stay with it this time. Now I really need to go get ready for practicum tomorrow! 
     Good Night! 

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